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The remote control gas helicopter is usually more preferred by the more experienced remote control helicopter pilot. One of the reason for this is that the remote control gas helicopter flies more like a real full-size helicopter when compared to other types of rc helicopters. It is also more complicated in the mechanics and maintenance of the gas powered rc helicopter and thus requires more involvement of the pilot, to a degree somewhat like the real thing.

The engine it uses to power its flight is of a combustion type, using nitro gas as its fuel. Its sound also differs from those from elctric rc helicopters. For some, the sound sensation it gives can add the excitement of flying the remote control gas helicopter.

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Remote Control Gas Helicopter
ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled RC Helicopter (Almost Ready to Fly 90% Pre-Assembled) The Black Hawk 500 GP is physically larger, handles more consistently and is more stable in conditions that would normally ground a micro. Despite its slight increase in size, the equipment requirements of the 500 GP are still very comparable with the micros ...
Why Choose Gas RC Helicopter
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